Switch boards production

Production of the switch boards is one of the main parts at the concept and delivery of the control systems.

The company produces the industrial switchboards on the basis of its own processing of the customer´s requirements or according to the project documentation. We have focused on the small-scale production with the short delivery time. Not only usual safety limit switches (fuses) and switch elements, but also converters of the frequency, programmable logic controls and other regulative and automative components. Regarding its own development the company produces also combined switch boards for 19" racks and servers to be inserted.

Compliance certificate is added to the switch boards.

Implementation of the box

They are in particular switch board racks made from metal and sheet metal. The surface is usually made from protective powdered colour in RAL7032 shade. According to the wishes and requirements of the customer it is possible to change the size, colour, locks, pants,, lighting or cooling of the rack.

It is also possible to use as base a plastic rack (just for the smaller switch boards).

Commonly used components

safety limit switches (fuses) + switch elements TELEMECANIQUE, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, OEZ, FINDER
convertors of frequency NORD, LENZE
programmable logic controls PROSOTON, ZELIO
boxes GEWISS, ELFRA PLUS (František Franc)
ending of conductor via hollows to the clips WEIDMÜLLER



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