Stage manager technology

The stage manager technology is (at the current demands on the precise theatre performances) an essential part of theatre equipment. It provides both the exact advent of the performancers on the pageant and synchronization of the other operating stations with the activity on the stage. Generally we can split it in two separately working but cooperating systems: signal and communication.

Signal system works on the basis of light and sonic signs, which are used epecially during the very performances. The communication system containes an appliance for verbal conversation among the operating stations, the monitoring of the stage and broadcast in the theatre building.

The Prosoton Company Ltd goes in for the complete concept and the realization of both systems in the scope of the stage manager technology. Thanks to the longtime experience in this sphere Prosoton developed a number of its own end mechanisms, that together form one perfectly working unit at the hand of the structured nets. At the application of the control programme the most up-to-date appliances of the third millenium are used, f.e.touchscreens. So in this way the biggest modification and the recency of the systems are proved in the future.

The advantage of systems:

  • complete concept and realization with regard to the requirements of the customers - high flexibility
  • using of the modern technologies
  • extensibility of the systems
  • simplicity and translucence of the systems
  • opeartor training
  • complete service right at the producer



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