Digital dimmer DDM12xx

In 2005 new version of digital dimmer DDM12xx was placed on the market. In comparison with the previous version there were no elemental changes in design, but the approach to the microcontroller (which is the part of core for the operating with the unit), has some variation.

Lowering of the time demandingness of the computing operations enabled adding of some new functions - in particular parametres of the preselection (presets), where it is now possible to set the time period of the start and the feedback (0-60 s), next the extended control of the unit by help of the buttons emplaced on the front board or sophisticated control of the preselection via DMX (analogue). This improvements optimize DDM12xx for the lightening of the smaller stage productions, besauce the unit takes some function from the operating board.

The last elemental change happend in the hardware of the unit´s core. Its new effective form allows to add in the future both some other functions, and control appliances, which enables to digestedly watch the situation of the equipment and connected light circuits.



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