DDM 12xx (Production discontinued)

Digital dimmer

DDM 1210 12 x 10 A
DDM 1213 12 x 13 A
DDM 1216 12 x 16 A

The digital dimmer of DDM12 serie is built in the 19" and 3U high rack. It is intended for control of the 12 power circuits; the maximum allowed total load of the one circuit is 10 A (13,16 A). Digital control of the unit is assured by the integrated microcontroller, which is fitted with the accessory storage EEPROM for saving of the user´s data. Up-to-date design emphasizes not only reliability and safety of the appliance, but also the intuitive control and fast availability of the important data. The front board (containing the multifunctional buttons and LCD display) is made from the hardened foil.

The control of the unit can also be gone through with the control protocol DMX512/1990, analogue input within the range 0 - 10 V or right by means of the buttons emplaced on the unit. In the structured menu it is possible to set the parametres affecting the behaviour of individual circuits and the whole unit, and to set 12 cues.

The digital dimmer of DDM12 serie is delivered as a rack board mostly to the theatre and concert halls, DDM12 M alternate differs in the design of the back connectors and it is intended for the frequent carrying during the middle and smaller stage performances.

Programmable parameters

In the menu it is possible to set these following parametres of the unit:

  • maximum and minimum voltage of the individual circuits
  • patch and function of the buttons (flash, start the cues, keys - switch off)
  • behaviour of the buttons during the flash option
  • test level of the individual circuits in operating from the keyboard
  • patch of the individual circuits in controlling via DMX512/1990
  • reaction of the unit at interruption of the signal DMX
  • setting of the first DMX address in the unit (range: 1 - 512)
  • patch of the individual circuits when controlling via analogue
  • programming of the 12 cues round the 12 circuits
  • programming of the rising time fo the cues
  • programming of the black-out time of the cues
  • behaviour of the unit after the connection of the feeding
  • transition characteristics (linear, proportional, S-curve, user defined)
  • behaviour of the LCD display
  • setting of the language in menu

Basic descriptions:

  DDM 1210 DDM 1210M
Number of the power circuits 12 12
Number of cues 1212
Programming of rising time0 - 60 s0 - 60 s
Programming of black-out time0 - 60 s0 - 60 s
Supply 3 x 230/400V / 50/60 Hz 3 x 230/400V / 50/60 Hz
Supply connector Wieland 6p cable 1m + socket plug 64A
Output connector Wieland 24p 16A 2x Wieland 16p 16A
DMX connectors 2 x XLR5 2 x XLR5
Analogue connector SUB D-25M SUB D-25M
Protection of individual circuits fuses 10A charact. C fuses 10A charact. C
Maximum supply current 3 x 35A 3 x 35A
Maximum total load 24,1 kW24,1 kW
Maximum total load on the circuit 10 A (2,3 kW) 10A (2,3kW)
Maximum temperature of the surrounding 40°C 40°C
Control analogue voltage 0/+10V / 0,5 mA 0/+10V / 0,5 mA
Control digital signal DMX 512/1990 DMX 512/1990
Size 482x133x480mm482x133x480mm + cable
Weight 18 kg 19,5 kg
Cooling ventilator ventilator


  • Appliance for the wireless DMX signal transmission
  • Switchboard for connection with the DDM12xx and for accessory safety elements
  • Case with the roundlets for emplacement of the mobile units



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