Operating board of the stage technology

Operating board of the stage technology is designed and construated according to the wishes and requirements of the customer. We emphasize in particular the lucidity of single control operation. Generally the board is divided in the following components:

Touch screen - is the main operating element, mostly emplaced in the middle of the board. It is used for checking of the whole application through its internally implemented key board, also in connection with the ordinary key board. For the better comfort of the staff the touchscreen can be also built in the tip-board.

State monitors - are ordinarilly emplaced at the sides of the board. These LCD displays are intended for visual display of single part of the controlled equipment (stage lifts, stage lines, revolving stages...)

Joysticks - are emplaced at the sides of the touchscreen. They enables movement of the appliance to the four directions (up, down, right, left) and the logic of the direction of motion is set according to the emplacement of the board in face of the stage. Moreover each control joystick has a safety button, which enables an instant arrestment of the appliance.

Other operating elements - it concerns in particular the elements for switching on and off of the board, complementary lighting, converters of the upper and lower sphere, safety elements (Total Stop button) and others.

This basic equipment can also be extended, we can add other appliances such as communication racks or monitors connected with the camera circuit (view of the stage)

The whole board is basically made from wood in combination with metal.

Software "Drive Control"

The range of the control programme itself is affected mainly by number and collocation of the single operating elements. The control appliances of the stage lines, tables, revolving stages, curtains etc. can be built in the product.

During the control and visualization of the actual operations the situation of each appliance is displayed and controlled. It is also possible to see their position in case when the room for their movement overlap. In that case the staff is not allowed to do those incompetent operations, that could lead to destruction of some appliance.

It is possible to set the profile in the operating board for single performance. All settings of the controled appliances will then relate to this performance. The performance consists of single successions - scripts. Each scrips contains an information about all control appliances, about their names, maximum and minimum positiones, maximum speed of movement, how the lines are joined in the groups. Operating during the very performance is well-arranged and safe.


At the realization of the commission the company provides:

  • analysis of the present condition of the end appliancess
  • concept of the efficient control system - design of the board, connection of the equipment via network, concept of the safety measures, production of the switch boards, implementation of some other appliances according to the wish of the customer
  • production and assembly of the system
  • activation of the system
  • operator training
  • service

Other operating boards

Measuring, regular and visual appliances at the operating board of the stage technology can be also used for another branch of the industry. For the concept and realization we use up-to-date known technologies and appliances, we emphasize safety and functionality of the controlled processes, we also do the connections of the boards with the upper networks.

In the lucrative sections we wend our own way of progress in conjuntion with the professionals of that sphere.



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